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We want your attention, Gen Z!

It’s time to target the audience that is quickly taking over the consumer population – Gen Z. In one year, this social generation will account for 40% of all consumers. That means that marketers must gear their target audience to the younger crowd if they want to stay afloat.

This generation has spent more time online than ever before. But 64% of Gen Z admits that they are ready to gear their attention to reality and take a break from aimlessly scrolling through their feed. In a typical day, Gen Z directs their attention towards one social media source to another. 90% of Gen Z says they go online more than once a day. However, this large online consumption has Gen Z feeling more anxious than ever before. To relieve the stress of keeping up with all things social media over half of the generation says they hope to cut their screen time short. Now, it is up to marketers to create content that will pull them in quickly and effectively so their brands stay top of mind.

So, how do you do it? Let’s take a deep dive into Gen Z’s online behavior to set you up for success.

Authenticity is everything.
When it comes to Gen Z, marketing is all about authenticity. Influencers, user-generated content, and a positive experience with brand representatives help these buyers make their big purchasing decisions. Ditch the high tech chatbots and artificial intelligence, and work on real-life connections. Don’t worry, you won’t need Kylie Jenner to be your spokesperson.

Don’t be afraid to tap into the world of the non-famous, commonly known as nano-influencers. Utilizing brand ambassadors with a realistic social media following makes Gen Z more responsive. They can relate to these people because they’re similar to them, which means they’re likely to explore new products recommended by their community.

Sharing is caring.
Because of Gen Z’s usage of multiple social media platforms, it’s important that your content is shareable across all platforms. Add a sharing button to everything! Save your Gen Z consumer time by providing them the option to share their favorite brand on the social media platform of their choosing with just the click of a button. Don’t make them find you, find them.

And we’re rolling.
Video content has taken over, and this is directly in relation to Gen Z’s desire for attention-grabbing snackable content. Taking the time to read long captions and articles is just…well, so last generation. Start creating ways for consumers to eat up content in a matter of 30 seconds or less.

If you want to start targeting Gen Z, we know how to help. Their time on social media is precious, and you need to make a lasting impression. Contact our Media and Social Media teams, led by industry experts, to get started.