Super Bowl Ad Round Up

I don’t understand the rules of football and I probably never will. I can’t call myself a football fan, but I can call myself a “Super Bowl commercial purveyor”. The team had done some prior research into the hot and highly anticipated Super Bowl spots that would be showcased during the game, and come game night – we were ready to fill out our playbooks of inspiration.

This is the time of year for agencies to shine nationally, and sometimes even globally. Just like the football athletes themselves, brands gear up for the Super Bowl months ahead of time. With 30-seconds of air time costing approximately $5 million, there’s no shortage of innovation, finesse, and huge advertising mavericks on our TV screen. Not to mention, the celebrity endorsements, the emotional spots that make you cry into your pimento-cheese dip, and the political satire solidifying these commercials as a footprint for our modern day.

So, how did this year’s spots stack up against the commercials of years gone by? With a somewhat sluggish football game (and I’m not just saying this because I don’t know football) our team came ready to critique. OH’ers took to Twitter for live-tweeting throughout the game and below is a brief recap of a few stand-out spots:

Microsoft – We All Win

This was the spot we’d be waiting all night for. Microsoft showcased their product accessibility and the thoughtfulness when it comes to considering their consumers.

Amazon – Not Everything Makes the Cut

Nothing makes you laugh quite like a “technology fails” spot, and especially one with Harrison Ford and Mark Kelly… then top it off with some Freddie Mercury.

Bud Lite – Medieval Barbers

Some could argue that Bud Lite might have won the night with this spot literally naming it’s competitors within the first 2 seconds.… and did you know there’s no corn syrup in their brewing process? Savage.

Burger King – #EatLikeAndy

This was Burger King’s first Super Bowl spot in 13 years – and it was one of the only commercials that didn’t air before the big game. This 45-second clip shows Andy Warhol eating a burger, and after watching, it feels like it was something that only Burger King could pull off.

Pepsi – More than OK

I’ll call this one, “Cardi B, Steve Carell, and Lil’ Jon’ hang out in a diner and now we don’t care if you don’t serve Coca-Cola in your restaurant.” Our copywriter Sam Lowy said, “Way to take an actual truth and make it funny and useful for your brand.” Not to mention, Matt Moore is now on a hunt for a bedazzled Pepsi can.

Google – 100 Billion Words

This one gave us goosebumps – across the board. Thank you. How are you? I love you.

Stella Artois – Change Up The Usual

If drinking a Stella now can make you live a life like Carrie Bradshaw – sign. me. up. This clever spot brought back iconic characters to show that even those stuck in their ways can change up the norm.

Handmaid’s Tale Trailer

This one was a stand-out amongst our creative team. It’s a great take on the Reagan campaign spot, although most of the audience might not understand the reference. If you do get it, you’re rewarded and the spot is that much better.

Bumble – The Ball is in Her Court

Not only was this Bumble’s first commercial, but it was their first commercial and it aired during the Super Bowl. Now that’s a way to make the first move.

Mint Mobile – Chunky Style Milk

Wait, what? Watching people drink chunky milk sure makes your ad memorable… but favorable? We’re not so sure.

Doritos – Chance the Rapper x Backstreet Boys

While some of us are still trying to see the connection between Chance the Rapper, The Backstreet Boys, and Doritos – we’re here for it and we’ll be standing by for the full song release.

Bubly – Michael Bublé vs. Bubly

A celebrity endorsement that pokes fun at Michael Bublé thinking that the sparkly beverage was named after him. It’s a good use of a celebrity that wasn’t forced and genuinely made sense for the product. It was a funny and light-hearted execution of brand recognition.

All in all, our team of creatives thought this year was ultimately underwhelming, both in football and in advertising. From confusing people as to what-the-heck ASMR is, to putting robots in almost every spot – we all had our opinions on what could have been done bigger, bolder, and better. But hey, there’s always next year! What did you think about this year’s Super Bowl ads?

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