Relationships Are the Foundation To Success

We know that in business, when you build positive relationships with customers the returns are incredible. They are more likely to become advocates and ambassadors for your brand, which helps to boost both sales power and credibility.The same can be said for any relationship, really. This has proven to be exactly the case with our relationships at OH Partners.

We Are Partners

We consider ourselves to be more than just an agency or a vendor; we aim to be true, trusted partners of everyone that we work with. This not only includes our clients, but our vendor partners, our community and all of those that we collaborate with.

Stephanie’s Personal Elements to Successful Partner Relationships

To be a true and trusted partner, you must work towards the same common goal. You must also be dedicated to constantly finding solutions and having conversations collectively that work to move the needle forward. Here are the elements that I believe set the stage for successful relationships:

  • Transparency and honesty
  • Consistent communication
  • Aligned goals and understanding of the business
  • Feedback from both sides
  • Positive attitude and true connection

Great Work Comes From Great Partnerships

Because of the close relationships we’ve created, we’ve been able to break down barriers and blur the lines between client and agency. We’ve had our daytime roommates make the switch to work on the client side, and we’ve had clients make the change to work with us at OH Partners.

It’s this true and trusted partnership that ensures our work is constantly evolving and being elevated. Not only does it speak for the level of talent we hire and foster internally, it is also a huge compliment to our agency to have clients who believe in us so strongly that they want to be a part of the magic.

I find it so rewarding to be leading a team that has such incredible talents in different areas. Witnessing them leverage their collective talents is such an honor and a privilege, and I am always amazed at the work we produce when we are in lockstep with our client teams. When we are able to put the focus on the relationship first, great work will always follow because it’s built upon a solid foundation for success to flourish!

I look forward to what our current and future teams, and partnerships, will create. It’s important to remember that not everyone has to have the traditional advertising or marketing education and upbringing to be an agency rockstar. When we are able to look beyond resume mandatories and see people for the greatness they bring to the collective, we will be all the better for it!

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