Promoting Gender Equality at Home with HeForShe

In Spring of 2020, OH Partners was beyond excited to partner with HeForShe, a solidarity movement for the advancement of gender equality, initiated by the United Nations and sponsored by Exelon, to build a campaign surrounding young girls in STEM. Then the inevitable happened. The Coronavirus spread across the globe, and we were hit with a new challenge. The goal was to come up with a completely new campaign in one week to tackle outdated gender roles and the pressures women often face having to take on during economic downturns, especially the added at-home work they were expected to take on during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Challenge:

OH Partners was tasked to develop, create and launch an integrated content marketing plan inclusive of earned, digital and social media (organic and paid) tactics to promote gender equality in the household during Covid-19 quarantine period and economic downturn. The platforms of focus included YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram


  • Increase followers across social channels
  • Aim for virality with provocative creative and content
  • Increase overall engagement across social channels

The Solution:

Enticing Creative & Engaging Content

Keeping virality and engagement goals top of mind, OH Partners developed a few creative concepts for the social campaign that primarily targeted men in households. The end result was the #HusbandMaterial campaign. The driving force behind Husband Material was to engage men, ages 18 to 45, to share what it means to be “Husband Material,” by stomping out outdated stereotypes and replacing them with meaningful character traits, like pursuing equal household responsibilities. The goal was to sway the domestication aspect of “wife material” from women to men, to convey that “husband material” should embrace and acknowledge that households duties are not gender specific. We did this by implementing the following:

  • Testing
    • A&B test different messaging types early on in the campaign in order to optimize best performing tactics during the second half of the campaign.
  • Performance
    • Focus on top performing channels: TikTok, Instagram & Facebook
      • Launch regular, organic video content on TikTok.
      • Build content that empowered men instead of pointing a finger or blaming. 
      • Promote social media challenges that would entice users to engage.
      • Ask questions to facilitate conversation around gender equality.
  • Influence
    • Partner with micro influencers to spread awareness around the campaign. 
  • Agility
    • OH Partners planned and produced content in real time, creating content on a weekly basis to adhere to trending topics and hashtags across social media.
    • OH Partners monitored campaigns, leveraged insights and adapted to the demand of the everchanging  social media landscape. 

When the roommates come together 🙌 #heforsheathome #husbandmaterial #blindinglights #learnfromme #blindinglightschallenge #alwayslearning

♬ Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

The Results:

The #HusbandMaterial campaign ran for roughly a month and a half, across four platforms. During that time, we were able to accomplish campaign goals, including the addition of loyal brand ambassadors to the HeForShe network by building positive relationships, as well as earning over 1.2 million total engagements, 17,410 new fans, 9.6 million video views, and 28.8 million impressions. 

About the Author: Amelia Goe is a social media account executive who specializes in brand partnerships and influencer marketing. With over six years of experience working in social media marketing Amelia has helped numerous brands increase their social media performance and improve one-on-one connections with their audiences.

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