Life With OHPI: OH Predictive Insights

Accuracy is key and OH Predictive Insights always delivers. Our polling team, OHPI, is an internationally recognized research firm that creates predictions based on focus groups, public opinion surveys, and polling. Basically, they’re fortune tellers – and an extended arm of our agency that helps us make our partnerships successful. Chief Pollster and Managing Partner, Mike Noble, leads the team with his survey methodology. Together, OHPI carries vast political, public affairs and cultural knowledge to help clients better understand their audiences and consumers.

“You can either wait until the elections are over, or we can tell you what’s going to happen.” -Mike Noble

Surveys and focus groups led by OHPI help bring research that is driven purely by data and strategy, which in our opinion, are two key traits of any successful campaign. And this research doesn’t just sit there. It gets results. Get this – out of all 13 public polls executed by OHPI, they have correctly called all 13 within the margin of error and have been cited in over 400 articles worldwide.

So, what could this mean for your business? By asking the right questions, OHPI helps uncover our clients’ unmet or unspoken needs by providing the necessary tools to make the most important calls. When turning to OHPI, these are just a few insights they can help bring to light:

• Define your target audience
• Rank messages/concepts to move consumers from consideration to purchase
• Determine client/brand awareness and perception
• Discover what your consumers or customers desire the most
• Predict the outcomes from an ad marketing campaign

When it comes to polling, it’s not always political.
Polling helps us gauge the public’s opinion, whether it’s the perception of current political candidates, or what they’re looking for in a salad. When our partner Eat Smart wanted to know where to take their next campaign to promote their salad kits, bringing in OHPI was a no-brainer. OHPI was able to identify prime locations and reach key respondents to help Eat Smart find the perfect creative promotion for their product. Because of the efforts brought together by OHPI and our team, this activation successfully generated nearly 6 million impressions and over 70,000 engagements (and counting) on social media alone in less than four weeks.

Want to elevate your business by making data-driven decisions? The combination of strategic knowledge, creative capabilities, and predictive insights give us the opportunity to dissect projects with our clients down to the nitty-gritty details. The polls and surveys performed by OHPI give our client partners the ability to gear their marketing programs and advertisements to the correct audience while reducing risks and uncertainties.

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