Keeping Culture Top of Mind Through this Hectic Time

Like many others, OH Partners has transitioned into a work from home office as we navigate through this hectic time and keep our community partners healthy. We want our team to feel safe and secure, and know that their health is most important to us.Overall, our team is handling the work from home amazingly. With such a close-knit group of people who are used to spending every moment of the work day together, (this is why we call each other daytime roommates), it’s been hard for people to not be in one office. Although many of us are worried about being around people because of our health and theirs, our companionship is also a sense of security, making it difficult not to have that in-person connection.

To make sure we are maintaining our relationships, we talk about not just texting someone but video chatting with them. Don’t just call them, video chat with them. Don’t just send an email, video chat with them. We don’t want people to feel isolated and alone, and the only way to truly SEE how they are doing is to SEE them. We’ve encouraged every manager to try and see their team either in a group meeting or one-on-one every day, while practicing safe social distancing.

Last week, we started implementing virtual happy hours, meaning the team all got together on Google Hangouts and had their drink of choice. In our latest happy hour, we played games like “how well do you know your art director or copywriter partner?” We had people with their dogs and cats on screen and many people had their family in the background who made their way over to the camera just to say “hi.” Not only do we let the drinks flow together, but we are working on staying healthy too. We hosted our first virtual fitness class at lunch time just last week. One of our most athletic teammates, whose day job is a social media strategist, led the team in a 30 minute workout using only items you would find around your house. It’s safe to say these work day breaks are much needed and good for everyone’s souls.

By making sure we are interacting with one another, besides just to discuss work, we have helped strengthen the friendships in our office and let each other know we are here for support. In these times, it is most important to us that our employees are in a good place with their mental and physical health. To make sure this stays top of mind, we will continue to find ways to keep morale high. Feel free to reply below with your favorite ways to foster office culture while working from home!

About the Author: With more than two decades of experience, Matt Moore is a partner and Chief Creative Officer at OH Partners. Matt is also the President of Matter Films, OH’s sister film and commercial production company that he launched in 2017.

Matt is an award-winning Creative Director and is a member of the Forbes Agency Council including writing contributions on He is a member of the 2017 Professional Who’s Who Network and was recently honored by the Phoenix Business Journal as the 2018 Chief Marketing Officer of the Year. Matt is a creative entrepreneur who has led agency pitch teams that have won more than $350 million in new business.

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