Hungry for Advertising Content? Try Something ‘Snackable’

We’re seeing client after client from a Nevada master-planned community to a Denver consumer packaged goods firm shift how they spend their advertising dollars.What they’re increasingly looking for – and what consumers are increasingly connecting with – are short “snackable” videos and animations. Think 10 seconds, or 15 seconds or 20 seconds of digestible moments that people see in their feed on Facebook and Instagram, engage with it, and share it.



FlapJacked, our Denver-based CPG client, is helping to express its brand through short animations, like recent Winter Olympics-themed curling and ice skating animations that introduced new flavors for their protein-infused Mighty Muffins. Inspirada, our Nevada master-planned community client, is using short films in much the same way to talk with consumers in very short slices.



It's the continued emergence of quick and digestible content that people are hungry for. For our agency, that's one of the reasons we've launched our own internal production company (Matter Films) to create short films, short brand videos and animations. These days we often have to get 60 to 90 days of varied content with many different uses from the same budget that before would create one or two TV spots that would last for six to seven months.



Do we still produce traditional TV spots? Of course. But by utilizing our award winning internal production company to bring clients' products to life in 20 seconds or less, we are part of a movement toward bite-sized content driving strong results for our clients.

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