Exploring Community With OH Cares

We’re in the business of making a difference. Founded in 2017, OH Cares is a committee that identifies community-based programs for all employees to participate in – and they help bring us together too! To get employees involved, despite busy schedules, OH Cares has one major event per quarter, as well as smaller events to help broaden our reach. With the constant motion of agency life, OH provides opportunities for us to continue our close-knit relationships outside of the office, and this is one of our favorite ways to do it.

Our agency urges us to explore our passions beyond advertising life. For many, our cOHre value “community” comes to mind – and we are proud to continue our passion for giving back in 2019. In 2018 alone, we reached over 4,000 total volunteer hours and raised nearly $25,000 for various organizations, including the West Valley Child Crisis Center, TigerMountain Foundation, and the Arizona Pet Project. We wouldn’t be where we are without the help of our community, and many of our clients have grown with us here in Arizona, so being able to give back is a number-one priority.

Bringing philanthropic opportunities to our own front door. Even when agency life gets hectic, it doesn’t stop our team from getting involved. In 2018, we hosted three blood drives outside of the OH building – and brought in a total of 64 donations. One donation can help save three lives, and we’re thrilled to have been able to save nearly 200 lives as a result of our participation. By working closely with Vitalant over the past two years, we have been named a top corporate participant and created an amazing partnership.

Not only did we come together for the community in our own parking lot, but we turned our agency into a construction workshop. Together, our team worked to build libraries for the Southwest Human Development Little Free Library Program without having to leave the office. To get inspired, we themed each Little Library based on our cOHre values; accountable, genuine, collaborative, community, innovative, passionate, and integrity.

Building these libraries encouraged our employees to work together across all departments, and it helped provide a free source of education to the community. Bringing our creativity to a cause was just as fun as it was rewarding.

Where do we go from here? OH Cares Co-Chair, Veda Nagpurkar, says she hopes to get involved with more projects where our daytime roommates can use their creative skills. She wants to be able to utilize the talent we have as an agency to work towards a pro bono project or mural. We think that mixing our passions for art and our community will create something pretty amazing.

With the growth our agency has achieved over the past year, getting involved with OH Cares brings an interactive way for our newest OH teammates to become a part of the family. It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to explore your other passions at work. With two years of OH Cares under our belts, we know that making a difference outside the office can have a profound impact on our own team, too.

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