The Impact of Social Media Brand Ambassadors

The Situation:

With any social media strategy, it’s crucial to find out what the goals are from the brand’s perspective. When doing so, it’s likely to hear specific goals such as “get to 20,000 Twitter followers” or “receive 1,000 likes per Instagram post” – but what are you really looking for? Increased sales? More store visits? For every business goal is a social media goal, and brand loyalty goes a long way with sales, store visits and beyond.

Over 70% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others – and by creating and instilling a sense of community with followers, you’re more likely to see them come back, time and time again.

For eegee’s, a local sandwich shop in Tucson, Arizona – dedicated followers are not hard to come by. With a Facebook community of over 100,000 people that share a common love for frozen fruit drinks, eegee’s decided to shift its focus in 2018 to celebrating these meaningful connections that it has with its customers on social media in a new and engaging way.

The Solution:

To reward social media users for interacting with the eegee’s brand and create deeper personal connections with its followers, OH created the eegee’s Taste Buds program – a brand ambassador program that allows users to sign up and earn points for exclusive prizes by engaging with the brand via social media – an opportunity that’s often hard to come by with many companies.

Each Taste Buds month contains a new prize, from free eegee’s products to an exclusive t-shirt, that is announced within the program and promoted on social media. To qualify for a chance to win, eegee’s fans just have to do what they’ve been doing for years: continue to spread the #eegeeslove on their favorite social platforms.

To eegee’s fans, the Taste Buds program is a place for people to share their love for the brand with other customers in the hopes of being rewarded by what many deem a “Tucson Original”. By filling out a survey, taking a quiz, and posting their own photos, eegee’s fans are earning points – and eegee’s is earning them, too.

The Results:

Within three months of the program’s launch, eegee’s Taste Buds has reached over 1.7 million people, received an ROI of over 600%, and has created a group of nearly 3,000 dedicated brand ambassadors that continue to share eegee’s social media content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Interested in launching a brand ambassador program of your own? We know loyalty. Drop us a note and we’ll be in touch.