Official Weaponry List for Defeating Agency Fears

What do escaping the zombie apocalypse and conquering your workplace fears have in common? A powerful brain, charisma, and confidence. Yes, it’s true, ridding your agency fears is just like killing zombies, only a little less messy. Want to know how to rid those concerns using all the right tools? Welcome to the official weaponry list for defeating agency fears.

Quest: Climbing through the ever-changing industry
Weapons: The ability to evolve, a willingness to learn, flexibility

Getting Started

Advertising is a space that is in constant motion. It’s up to you to navigate through the speed of the industry so that your team can be the cream of the crop. Technology advances and audiences evolve, forcing advertisers to always be on their toes. Getting over the initial fear of changing with the system can be tricky. It takes a special kind of person to want to challenge their expertise each and every day.

How can you solve this problem when everything is on the move? Always be hungry to learn. It is important to stay flexible enough to move with the trends and retire patterns that may have worked for you in years past. A research team is a great way to keep up with the times – their expertise can dig up the dirt before your competition gets their hands on it. The zombies are only getting bigger and badder, and you have to advance with them if you want to stay ahead.

Quest: Building a strong client relationship
Weapons: Modesty, versatility, positive patience

Bringing in mind-blowing ideas is the key to a great partnership. When you seamlessly tie the business need with the creative solution that works, your client relationship will only grow stronger.

Clients will have ideas that challenge yours, seeing the campaign from a perspective that you were blind to before. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to learn more about how your skills can help achieve their goals. When used collaboratively, different perspectives can come together to create great work that works. Joe Shmoe might think attacking zombies from behind is the way to go, while you’re held up on the head-on approach. Although they are different tactics, both end with dead zombies.

Collaboration builds relationships. While you’re putting feedback into action, you’re gaining a better understanding for future clients.

Quest: Bringing your capabilities to the table
Weapons: Confidence, a diverse set of talent, persuasion

With all OH has to offer, there is plenty of work to show the talents and capabilities we have to be a great partner. (Like any star zombie fighter, we can handle anything that comes our way.) But knowing we have the tools to support our clients and explaining our worth is a trick in itself. It’s vital to know the project scope of work and have a wealth of knowledge from each department to show clients that we have what they’re looking for. With a diverse set of skills from creative to PR, we can become an extension of their internal organization and show them a new way of thinking.

Informing the client can be the biggest battle. Make sure you have the knowledge and questions to lead your client in the right direction. This will not only make you feel confident in knowing your capabilities, but it will start the conversations that bring ideas to a client that they may have not known they needed.

Quest: Growth at a steady pace
Weapons: The ability to slow down, nourishment, a sense for undeniable talent

We are a company that grows tremendously every year in both clientele and staff. There seems to be no downfall to growing, but one must remember that with growth comes a larger number of responsibilities and group of people to manage. With all this movement, it can be scary to ensure that you have the right capabilities to continue the success you had as a small unit. However, it’s important to remember that more bodies often means more brains and more talent. When humans outnumber the zombies, we get stuff done.

Ensuring that growth is productive for your company is a hurdle you must jump! To do so, you must find a balance between nourishing the flow you have with current employees and introducing your new staff to the team. OH is lucky enough to be led by leaders who hire talent where it is needed most, and grows at a pace that fits the long-term plan. In fact, OH provides a wellness program and weekly company meetings to maintain stability and camaraderie during times of growth. These culture-driven activities ensure that our organization remains a true partner to our clients and a “Best Places to Work” for our employees. Being the biggest company doesn’t mean being the best. Finding talent that makes sense is what makes a growing company succeed.

The time is now.

So no, defeating your agency fears doesn’t involve wiping zombie blood off your shirt. But if you’re strong enough to overcome the challenge awaiting you in the advertising world, you will be prepared when zombies attack! You will be the most composed, confident, and determined fighter no matter what obstacles are thrown your way.

Which quest will you begin your journey with?