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2019, We See You

2018 was a wild ride for basically, well… everything. Politics are spicier than ever, advertising mavericks are shouting loud, and people across the globe are craving mindful connections now more than ever. As important as it is for our team to constantly create “work that works”, its equally as important for our team to become inspired, expand their mind, and stay hungry for more.

We asked some of our creative team what they’re looking forward to in 2019, for a list of things they are passionate about, and how it could translate into their work. Take a look at what some of our team members are hoping to see in 2019 – from advertising tactics, taking a stand politically, to puppies and virtual reality.

Sam Lowy – Copywriter, Producer
1. I love radio, so I’m excited to see how copywriters, producers, creative directors, clients, and media buyers evolve the platform in creative ways.
2. It seems like everyone these days are looking for a “big” idea that pushes their brand and engages with younger demographics. I’m excited to see what agencies around the country end up doing, but I’m more excited to see what stunts, activations and nontraditional advertising we can do at OH in 2019.
3. In addition to stunts, brands are really starting to realize that they can’t just sell stuff. They need to stand for something as well. But it goes beyond just talking about it. You actually have to do it. I’m interested to see what brands get behind in 2019—especially in today’s heated political climate.
BONUS: Speaking of movements and politics, 2020 is going to be the biggest year we’ve seen in politics since… well… this year. But I know for certain that things are going to get crazy in the ad world. Can’t wait!

Megan Golab – Art Director
1. I can’t wait to see more brands taking stances on political and environmental topics, and how they incorporate them into their products and messaging. I just read somewhere that Corona was making biodegradable packaging for a six pack!
2. I’m really looking forward to Toy Story 4.
3. It’ll be interesting to see how new developments in Instagram will continue to grow, like the TV feature.

Veda Nagpurkar – Art Director
1. Diversity and inclusion are on the rise, and I am excited to see how decision making is driven from these two. Not just from a messaging perspective, but also how brands are making decisions in their everyday communication. Whether it’s an app, website, or design.
2. Virtual reality is ever evolving and I am excited to explore that avenue in advertising. How brands can tell a better story with the help of VR is something I am looking out for.
3. In recent years, there has been a huge trend related to ethics and the way brands are showing their responsibility towards not just the people but the environment. There has been a rise in vegan/vegetarianism and I am excited to see where that takes us as more conscious beings and responsible citizens of the planet.
4. I’m super stoked about the Pantone Color of 2019 – Living Coral! I would love to see it come to life in fashion, beauty, packaging, design and so many other industries!

Justin Yee – Social Media Account Executive
1. FORM Arcosanti // The highly curated and intimate festival located in the eco-city of Arcosanti, AZ is 3 days of music, art, ideas, architecture, nature wellness & community. After missing out on going the previous 2 years, this festival has been at the top of my bucket list to attend. 2019 announced dates are May 10 – May 12 and are sure to sell out with a max capacity of 2,000 participants. The festival organizers recently announced the latest session of FORM Labs on January 31 at the Phoenix Art Museum. Described as an “immersive evening of art, music, conversation, and more.” The event is free with RSVP and has included performances in the past from James Blake and Blood Orange (two of my faves). A “big announcement” is said to take place that evening, so here’s hoping we get lineup and more.
2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood // It’s always a big deal when Quentin Tarantino has a new movie, and his 9th is set to hit theaters August 9, 2019. It boasts a star-studded cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Kurt Russell, Al Pacino and many more big names I could list, but won’t. Not much has been released about the film (not even a trailer), but it’s set in 1960s Hollywood centering around the Charles Manson murders. As a fan of Tarantino’s previous films, this is one I’ll brave the crowds for on opening weekend.
3. Grand Canyon Turns 100 // For living in Arizona the majority of my life, sadly I can say I’ve only visited the Grand Canyon twice. Both of these times were pit stops taking in the view at an overlook, so I’ve never really had the opportunity to explore the massive national park. I’ve always wanted to hike through the countless trails, raft down the Colorado River, and photograph the North Rim. The centennial year is the perfect excuse to get out and finally experience all of these things. Connecting with nature always leaves me inspired and gets my creative juices flowing. Something I’ve taken for granted but will make a conscious effort to do in 2019.

Ivan Galaz – Art Director, Senior Graphic Designer
The things I’m excited about next year are super important.
1. I’m very excited to watch the Avengers 4 Endgame.
2. I’m very excited to explore parts of the world I haven’t yet – some places in Africa or Switzerland.
3. Maybe I will get back into running long distances.
4. And if Jeremy lets me, get a third baby (dog)!

Maddie Lydon – Senior Social Media Account Executive
1. The Lion King remake. That was my favorite Disney movie growing up (I made my mom reenact the fight scenes and be Scar). As millennials are starting to have a family of their own, we see this big nostalgia trend coming into play- the things we loved as children are now resurfacing and becoming relevant again for new audiences. How can brands implement some of these learnings? How can we adhere to this “boomerang” phenomenon with our clients?
2. Sustainability. I minored in it (mostly because I just needed a couple of extra credits), and brands are now paying attention to this. From Pinterest trends to plastic reduction, people are working to make the world a better place together. We’re becoming more aware and responsible.
3. Reading. It’s one of my resolutions for 2019. I spend a LOT of time in front of a screen, which is a double edge sword. I can connect with long-distance friends and find inspiration in seconds, but the instant gratification can leave you unsatisfied. There’s so much to take from books on both a personal and professional level, and I forget how proud I feel after finishing a good book.

Felix Armenta – Creative Director
1. I’m ready for summer.
2. I’m ready for the finale of Game of Thrones and Avengers.
3. I’m looking forward to new photography projects for 2019.
4. And I’m rebuilding a 1969 VW Bus!